Diabetes is rapidly emerging as a major public health problem in India, not only in urban areas but also in the rural areas. In the urban areas, the prevalence staggers around 15 to 18%. Also, in the rural areas the prevalence has been increasing. In one of the studies conducted by this centre showed an increase in prevalence of diabetes from 2.2% (1989) to 6.4% (2003) in Southern India. It is increasing in epidemic proportions. As of today, India is the Head quarters for diabetes in the world. The increase in prevalence is due to rapid the urbanization, changing lifestyle and genetic predisposition as well. The fact remains that the diabetes can be prevented. Life style changes will help preventing diabetes.

In order to bring about changes in the lifestyle of the people, various awareness programmes are conducted. They include: exhibitions, film shows, puppet shows, diabetes detection camps, seminars, film shows, Television & Radio Programmes, publication of features I stories in the leading news papers and magazines etc,. People from various stream of life such as teachers, students of schools and colleges, software professionals, industrial workers, police personnel, bank officials, members of social organization and service clubs, general population are widely covered. Educational materials such as pamphlets, flyers, banners, flip books, placards, charts, photographs, films, slides are extensively used in these programmes.

More than fifty thousand people have so far been covered by these interventions through interpersonal interactions. The overall objective of the awareness raising is to sensitize people on changing their lifestyle. This programme also motivates patients on self care, monitoring of their own blood sugar, to have control over diet, doing exercise and meditation etc,. By these awareness programmes, people who are at high risk are helped to prevent getting into diabetes and people with diabetes keep their blood sugar under control and prevent complications.

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