IDRF renders commendable work to improve health care among the public by conducting awareness programmes and screening camps for early detection and prevention of diabetes. We have assessed the awareness about diabetes and its complications, the need for early detection and control of diabetes in more than 50,000 persons. It is noted that awareness is generally poor even among the family members of diabetic patients. More than 60 awareness and screening camps have been conducted using didactic lectures, audio visual programmes, blood glucose tests etc. in different parts of the city and even among the rural populations.

S.No Intervention / Program Number of people benefited
1.Awareness camps/activities 86
2.Number of screening camps 86
3.Number of people reached through awareness & screening camps11633
4.Number of people screened for diabetes6903
5.Number of people detected with diabetes775
6.School / College Teachers educated on Diabetes140
7.Children / Youth educated on Diabetes830
8.General public educated on Diabetes1772

Camp Write Up

Diabetes is increasing day by day. Good news is that diabetes can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles. In order to raise awareness among various categories of people to adopt healthy lifestyles, Dr.A.Ramachandran’s Diabetes Hospitals & India Diabetes Research Foundation conducted diabetes screening cum awareness camps and campaigns in various places. Totally 7148 people have attended the camps and campaigns and got benefited (Status as on September 2012). Among these 1427 people were known diabetes persons, 526 were persons with pre diabetes (IGT & IFG). Among these 295 people were newly detected with diabetes. The targeted people were advised to attend the camp in fasting status. They were tested to find out glucose status during fasting. They were given glucose (75 grams of glucose dissolved in 250ml of water). After taking glucose they were tested to find out the glucose, they were tested to find out post glucose status after 2hours. Based on the results of the blood test, the participants were given individual counseling. If they were diagnosed as diabetes they were advised to follow healthy lifestyles which include increasing physical activities, taking healthy diet in a limited quantity, practice yoga & meditation to guard against stress & tensions. The participants found to have diabetes, in addition to practicing healthy lifestyles, they were advised to take treatment as per their choice. Open interaction sessions were also conducted to clarify all their doubts. The high risk participants were also advised to modify their lifestyles strictly to prevent diabetes. Encouraging feedbacks were received from the participants on their control over glycemic status, maintaining healthy status without getting in to diabetes. The target group includes general population, students, hotel employees, staff of college; staff of Information technology, industries, Lion club members, Central Government employees and Government Healthcare Staffs They was from Chennai city, Niligiri district, Cuddalore district, Coimbatore District, peri urban areas and rural areas etc.