“Strengthening the national diabetes care services by enhancing the capacity of Health care providers”


In collaboration with World Diabetes Foundation, India Diabetes Research Foundation (IDRF) has been organizing training programs for health care personnel across India since 2003. IDRF has been recognized as a centre of excellence for the World Diabetes Foundation. IDRF is also one of the Nodal centres under Govt. of India, Ministry of Health & Family welfare’s National Program for Prevention & Control of Diabetes, CVD & Stroke (NPDCS).


a) To conduct training programs for health care personnel on prevention & management of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

b) Encourage the establishment of a network of Diabetes Management and Prevention Centres at the district hospitals and community health centres.

c) Raise the level of awareness of all stakeholders including the policy makers, health system managers, non-governmental organizations and general public as relevant to prevention and control of diabetes and its complications.


The training includes,

  • Lectures & discussions
  • Interactive sessions
  • Practicum sessions
  • Demonstrations
  • Hospital visit / Field visit - observation of clinical activities
  • Screening of diabetes awareness videos
  • Quiz
  • Competitions - Slogan writing, role play, poster presentation etc
  • Pre-training & Post-training Tests
  • Back home activity plan

Category Duration of Training Type of program No. trained
Phase I
No. trained
Phase II
Doctors5 DaysIn-house Training30231020
Health Educators / Dieticians / Health Supervisors2 WeeksIn-house Training160633
Paramedical staff3 DaysOutreach Training10804354


The health care personnel attending the seminar were paid stipend which includes diem allowance and travel allowance.


Certificate of participation is given to all participants for attending the training program.


1.Acute Complications of Diabetes MellitusEtiology & Pathophysiology of DM Basic facts, Diagnosis, Classification of DM
2.Barriers to insulin therapy, fear of HypoglycemiaAdherence to Diabetes Treatment RegimenBurden of Diabetes in India & Introduction to NPDCS
3.Burden of Diabetes & Introduction to NPDCSBarriers to insulin therapy, fear of hypoglycemiaComplications of Diabetes Mellitus
4.Cardiovascular DiseasesCardiovascular Complications in DiabetesBarriers to Insulin Therapy / Fear of Hypoglycemia
5.Cerebrovascular AccidentsDiagnosis & Classification of DM Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension & Stroke
6.Cutaneous Manifestations in DMTreatment - OHA & Insulin Communication skills & Role Play
7.Dental Complications in Diabetes MellitusDiabetes & PregnancyFood Based Dietary Guidelines
8.Diabetes & PregnancyAcute Complications of DM
Foot Care in Diabetes Mellitus
9.Diabetic foot - Etiology & PathogenesisEnergy balance & weight managementIdentification if high risk group - Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus
10.Diabetic NephropathyHypertension & Stroke in Diabetes Guidelines for organizing camps & Campaigns
11.Diabetic NeuropathyMNT in Type I DiabetesPatient Education
12.Diabetic RetinopathyFood Based Dietary GuidelinesSpecial topics regarding Nursing Care
13.Diagnosis & Classification of DMFood GroupsTreatment – Drugs & Insulin
14.Dyslipidemia & HypertensionIntroduction to Nutrition Lab Techniques & Monitoring in DM
15.Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes MellitusNutrients Lifestyle Modification (LSM) in Diabetes
16.Food Based Dietary Guidelines Nutritional Assessment Networking & Awareness Raising through team building
17.Etiology & Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes MellitusIdentification of High Risk Groups- Prevention of Diabetes
18.Geriatric DiabetesEpidemiology of Diabetic foot & identification
19.Guidelines for conducting camps & campaigns under NPDCSClinical presentation, cases, history taking
20.Infections in Diabetes - Including skin infectionMNT in Co-morbidities & Complications
21.Insulin - TreatmentCounselling Workshop
22.Laboratory InvestigationsLife style modification and control of diabetes
23.Life Style Modification and Self monitoring of Blood Glucose Teaching methods in Patient Education
24.Medical Nutrition TherapyPersonality Traits self disclosure
25.Networking & Awareness Raising through Team BuildingGuidelines for conducting Screening & Awareness Camps & Campaigns
26.Newer drugs for Diabetes MellitusNetworking & awareness raising
27.Oral Hypoglycemic Agent - TreatmentLaboratory monitoring of Diabetes
28.Diabetes Patient EducationFoot Care - Wound Clinic, Pedicure
29.Prevention of Diabetes MellitusDiabetic foot :Pathogenesis & management
30.Stress Management & PMRPrevention of Diabetic Foot
31.Lab techniques and demonstration
32.Role of Diabetes Patient Educator
33.Self monitoring blood glucose
34.Stress management with PMR
35.Long term Complications of DM
36.Team Building In Diabetes Care
37.Diabetes patient education
38.Communication Processes
39.Burden of DM, Introduction NPDCS

In-House Faculty Members

S.No Name Designation
1.Prof. Dr. A. RamachandranChief Consultant Diabetologist
Managing Director
2.Dr. Shobana RamachandranHead of Dept, Patient Education Joint Managing Director
Vice – President
3.Dr. N. MurugesanPublic health consultant
Project Director
4.Dr. C. SnehalathaHead of Dept, Clinical Laboratory & Biochemisty Research - Director
5.Dr. LakshmiPodiatrist
6.Dr. Nanditha RamacandranConsultant Diabetologist
7.Dr. Samith A. ShettyConsultant Diabetologist
8.Dr. Vinitha RamachandranPeriodontal Surgeon
9.Dr. Roopesh JainConsultant Diabetologist
10.Dr. Santhosh JeyarajConsultant Diabetologist
11.Mrs. Mary SimonSenior Dietician

12.Mrs. Annette Shibani MothaDietician
13.Mrs. Padma PriyaDiabetes Patient Educator
14.Mr. Sathish KumarSr. Lab Technician
Research Associate
15.Mr. SelvamPsychologist
Research Officer

External Faculty Members

S.No Name Designation
1.Dr. G. Vijaya KumarSr. Diabetologist
2.Dr. Paneer SelvamSr. Diabetologist
3.Dr. Anand MosesSr. Diabetologist, Professor & Head of Dept, Diabetology, KMCH, Chennai
4.Dr. Madhivanan NatarajanManaging Director
M.N. Eye Hospital
Chief Ophthalmologist
5.Dr. Kumar BabuFormer Professor & Head of Dept, psychiatry, Stanley Medical College, Chennai
6.Prof. K. RaghavanFormer Professor & Head of Dept, Dept of Medicine Course Dean - PGDC
7.Dr. Raja MaheshSr. Nephrologist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
8.Prof. A. SundaramFormer Professor & Head of Dept, Dept of Diabetology
Sr. Diabelotgist
Course Director – CDF - ADA

9.Dr. PrabhakarConsultant & Interventional Cardiologist, Apollo First med Hospitals, Chennai
10.Dr. BhoopathiSr. Neurologist, Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital, Chennai
11.Dr. BhanuSr. Neurologist & Professor Neurology, Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital, Chennai