Training of Teachers on “Health Promotion – Prevention of Diabetes & other Lifestyle Diseases”


IDRF – WDF Project jointly with Dept of School Education, Government of Tamilnadu has initiated a program called “Health Promotion through School Teachers”. The project aims to train high school teachers on Healthy Lifestyle to prevent Diabetes & other lifestyle diseases. This is a pilot project, which will train 1000 teachers, 500 each in Chennai City & Tiruvallur District which includes teachers of both Government and Private schools. The trained teachers will in turn educate 1 Lakh students (at the rate of 100 students by each teacher) and their families on healthy lifestyle practices. This effort of sensitizing the teachers, students & community in general on healthy lifestyle practice will go a long way in the prevention of Diabetes & other lifestyle diseases in the country, achieving the objective of the training on health promotion through teachers.The program was inaugurated on 25th August 2012 at SCERT, DPI campus, Chennai by Tmt. Sabitha, Principal Secretary, Dept of School Education, Govt. of Tamilnadu.


To inculcate healthy life style practices in children by focussed education imparted through trained teachers, non-communicable diseases can be prevented or controlled in the target population.


a) To educate teachers of High schools in Chennai city (Urban) and Thiruvallur district (Semi urban Peri urban) in Tamilnadu state on diabetes and other associated non-communicable diseases by conducting seminars/workshops.

b) To raise awareness on prevention and control of diabetes and its complications among students and their family members through trained teachers.

c) To evaluate impact of training of the teachers by assessing improvement in life style practices of teachers and students.

d) To assess the influence of socio-economic factors on health awareness.

Target group:

Teachers and students of high schools in the selected areas.

Training Figures

Till date, 360 teachers from Chennai city have been trained under this project.